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Managing Project Scope and the Impact of Change

You are about to kick off a project. The scope and budget are set… or are they? This project is too important: you need to keep a good handle on it to ensure the team members don’t squander their hours away. Take an in-depth look at each step involved in estimating time, resources and costs for budgeting and scheduling a project.

Note: PDUs for the PMP®/PgMP® certifications for Technical, Leadership and Strategic Business are available. Call 414-227-3200 for more information.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Project Management Certificate
Project Management Certificate – Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • Business analysts
  • Team members
  • Project stakeholders
  • Project leaders/doers who need a better understanding of managing scope
  • Full-time project managers

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Improve management of persons citing requirements and requesting changes
  • Clarify the vision associated with a project through improved scope definition
  • Increase accountability for changes made throughout a project’s life cycle

Course Outline/Topics

Seminar Overview

This course provides an in-depth look at ways to define a project’s scope clearly and concisely. Once the scope is approved, ways to deal with scope changes are addressed.

Value to the Organization

  • Reduce runaway projects due to scope management problems
  • Improve accountability in changes made throughout the life of a project
  • Establish the basis of organizational rigor in controlling project scope

Defining the Project’s Scope

  • Defining scope
  • Project scope management – what, where and when
  • Product scope vs. project scope
  • The role of the PM in project scope management
  • Project charter scope examples
    • Good and not-so-good scope statement examples
    • Evaluating your project charter’s scope
  • Scope statement components
    • DOs and DON’Ts
  • Roles and responsibilities in scope management

Discussion: Share your thoughts about scope management practices (both good and bad) you have seen or experienced in a store

Discussion: Review project charter templates

Scope Details

  • Creating a Service Level Agreement
    • SLAs: It’s all about the details
  • Defining project deliverables
  • The magic of milestones
  • WBS: physical vs. functional

Exercise: Craft a requirements specifications document template

Discussion: Critique a sample WBS

Setting Expectations with Stakeholders

Satisfying Stakeholders

  • Stakeholder influence
  • Stakeholder register
  • How to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Balancing the interests of stakeholders
    • Types of conflict
    • The Power Interest Grid
  • Offering critical conversations
    • Conflict resolution
  • Maintaining relationships in troubled times
    • Negotiations

Exercise: Develop a stakeholder register for the Shelter Box project

Exercise: Create a stakeholder Power Interest Grid for the Shelter Box project

Exercise: Building and maintaining good relationships – what would you do?

Change Management

  • Scope management & change management
    • Who does change control?
    • Change management – the change process
    • The role of the Change Control Board (CCB)
    • Differentiating change management
    • When to apply change management processes
  • Project Management Maturity Model
  • Change control processes and documents
    • PMI’s® Project Integration Management
    • Change request document
    • Change log
    • Ways to reduce changing requirements

Exercise: Develop a change management process for the Shelter Box effort

Exercise: Prepare 3 documents cited in this class for a current or former work project


Project Management Foundations or equivalent experience


This course should not be taken in addition to the former, one-day Stakeholder Management course, as the content is very similar.


"Barb is an excellent instructor. I’ve had her for three of the PM Certificate classes and thoroughly enjoy working with her. She is always encouraging and her teaching method is very effective."  —  Class Participant, 2015

"The program content highly met my expectations."  —  Tamara Haberman, CBRE Johnson Controls, December 2015

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