Leading Teams – From Leader to Coach

Increase your threshold for losing control and managing anxiety while coaching your team to success. Finding the combination of leadership and structure is among the biggest of challenges in business today. Learn how to come to a clear understanding of your own core purpose and values to lead successfully.


Eric Coryell

Eric Coryell

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, Eric dedicates his time to helping organizations engage their employees through strategic alignment, leadership development and the creation of functional teams. Prior to starting his own firm in 2007, he also worked ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of having a core purpose that transcends yourself and how to operate congruently from that space
  • Know the importance of intolerables in the act of leadership
  • Understand how your own behavior contributes to team performance
  • Make trust and open dialogue a shared responsibility of the team
  • Enhance your ability to more effectively lead virtual or dispersed teams
  • Learn a variety of tools to better leverage your team
  • Quickly resolve conflicts and differences among team members

Course Outline/Topics

  1. Leading Teams—From Leader to Coach
    A)     Prologue
    B)     Choices
    C)     Theme
    D)     Change
    E)      Heroes
    F)      Intolerables, Attention & Focus
    G)     Passion Exercises
  2. My purpose
    A)     My mission, my beliefs
    B)     Changing my beliefs
    C)     My action plan
    D)     Developing My plan
  3. Transitioning from leader to coach
    A)     My playbook
    B)     Do I have the right people on my team?
    C)     Making a successful transition from “Doer” to leader
    D)     Delegation reality check
    E)      Delegation process
    F)      Leadership styles
    G)     Four development styles
    H)     Prologue
    I)      Nonassertive/assertive/aggressive communication
    J)      Secrets to successful coaching
    K)     What is coaching?
    L)     Three components of coaching success
    M)     Key coaching skills
    N)     Practice
    O)     Coaching self-assessment
    P)     Appendix

Dates and locations to be announced.