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Lead Your Employees to Award-Winning Customer Service Within the Public Sector

It is widely acknowledged that exceptional customer service may be the most critical factor to an organization’s continued success and recognition. As a public manager, your role in mirroring these critical skills to your team is essential. To consistently achieve great customer service, an organization needs its managers and staff to focus on an array of activities – both managerial and operational – they should undertake that lead to quality service. Allow this workshop to introduce skills to build an award-winning customer service team for both your internal and external clientele.

This course can be applied to the Certificate in Public Administration.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Implement a customer-centered service model in your organization
  • Develop strategies for assessing both customer needs and satisfaction
  • Identify what front-line customer service employees need to provide great customer service
  • Create an improvement plan to enhance service quality

Dates and locations to be announced.