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LC #4: Early Childhood Leadership: Leading for Change

Examine transformational leadership, theories on change, action research and advocacy strategies in this final leadership program. Combining lessons and themes from courses #1-3, your capstone experience includes a culminating action research project and portfolio that utilizes your new skills to develop a strategic plan for change. Overarching themes include the importance of excellence and diversity in early childhood programs and the role of vision and reflective practice in reaching these goals.

This course can be applied to the Early Childhood Leadership Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and use transformational leadership
  • Understand the concepts of interconnectedness and interdependence as it relates to relationships, leadership and change
  • Understand action research
  • Use action research to investigate a problem
  • Advocate effectively for defined positions
  • Develop strategies for change
  • Develop programs to make fundamental changes at a community level
  • Develop a plan to implement a change action


Successful completion of LC #1, LC #2, and LC #3

Dates and locations to be announced.