IT Skills for Non-IT Managers

From this two day program, leaders will come away with the following:

  • Define your firm’s operating model-how IT can help you do business
  • Revamp your IT funding model to support your operating model
  • Build a digitized platform of business processes, IT systems, and data to execute on the model
  • Determine IT decision rights
  • Extract more business value from your IT assets

This course can be applied to the Advanced Leadership Certificate.

Course Outline/Topics

    – PC’s, CD’s, cables
    – Memory and Speed – RAM, CPU
    – Operating System
    – Portability

    – Programs – system software and application software
    – Data Base Management Systems
    – Some costs to consider

     – LAN
     – Bus Topography, Network Interface Cards, Hub, Router, Cable
     – Wide Area Network
     – Remote Access
     – Virtual Private Network

The Internet



Dates and locations to be announced.