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Inside Religion (DVD Course)

Join us for an inside view of five major religious traditions. In Week 1, journey inside Mecca for an intimate documentation of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca and discover more about the universal principles of Islam during the days of the Hajj. In Week 2, go inside the Vatican for a rare glimpse inside its secret archives and private chapels. In Week 3, venture into a Coptic Orthodox Monastery with a visit to Coma, the birthplace of St. Anthony and the desert monastery he founded. In Week 4, travel inside a Buddhist Temple in the Henan Province of central China, the ancestral home of the martial arts and physically punishing meditation practices. In the final week, explore the world inside a Hindu ashram, where Sadhu holy men see themselves as mediums between the gods and humanity and where people from all over India come to make spiritual pilgrimages. Each week’s video presentation is followed by a lively discussion.

Dates and locations to be announced.