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Innovative Solutions for Plastic Part Production

Learn to overcome challenges facing the injection molding industry. Evaluate the needs vs. equipment (for injection molding). Present the selection of molds available and criteria for choosing them. Identify day-to-day issues that arise with the quality of injection- molded parts. Offer solutions and suggestions to help you in your injection molding arena.

Our goal will be to have you return to your organization with innovative ideas that will aid in producing higher quality, faster and more economical parts.

This course can be applied to the Plastics Technology Certificate.

Who Should Attend

Plastic part designers, processing engineers, production managers, individuals involved
in production of unique parts, and engineers and managers involved in reducing
production time while maintaining quality.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn good molding practices and review scientific injection molding principles
  • Understand problems with resins, processing, and machines
  • Learn to apply innovation solutions to injection molded parts

Course Outline/Topics


Introduction & Course Outline Review

  • Molding process particulars…Good molding practices
  • Selecting an injection machine to meet or exceed your needs.
  • Sizing the equipment list to the operation
  • Auxiliary equipment needed
  • Cooling systems

Review Scientific Injection Molding Principles

  • Mold construction review (various types)
  • Review injection mold types.
  • What to expect from each mold type
  • Limitations of each mold type
  • Selecting the correct design (guidelines)
  • Maintaining your injection molds

Product design issues

Design issues

Designing to fit the need

Designing pitfalls

Class Project Assigned (Individuals)


Machine problems

  • What kind of issues can be machine related?
  • Injection machine limitations
  • What are common machine failures and how to prevent them
  • Maintaining your injection machine

Processing / Plastic part problems

  • Common issues (Gate Blush, Flow lines / Streaks, Hard to fill parts)
  • Delaminations, Over packing, Excessive Shrinkage, Short Shots
  • Splay / Silver Streaks, Surface Blemishes, Flash, Warpage
  • Weak Weld Lines, Bubbles vs. Voids, Black Specks
  • Determining root cause & solutions of each defect

Resin problems

  • Correct selections vs. incorrect selections
  • Fillers and additives
  • Shrinkages
  • Mechanical properties

Mold problems

  • Common issues
  • Preventing those issues in design
  • Correcting them once they occur
  • Don’t make matters worse by poor decisions

Final Class Project….Groups

Dates and locations to be announced.