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How to Assess and Improve Your Public Agency’s Performance: The Balanced Scorecard

In the creative economy, quick and innovative government agencies must emerge from ‘traditional’ bureaucracies. The balanced scorecard is a new technique to guide and evaluate agency performance.

Prepare to succeed in the new political economy. Learn how to create an integrated strategy, achievement metrics and methods to evaluate unit, team and individual accomplishments that contribute to organizational victory.

Transforming an organization from one that merely produces things to one that creates ideas that anticipate and respond to community needs is a key challenge in the 21st century.

This course can be applied to the Certificate in Public Administration.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Create a strategic plan based on the latest management thinking
  • Develop a balanced scorecard approach to measure progress across the organization and obtain staff buy-in
  • Produce implementation actions and measurements for departments, teams and individuals that integrate strategy with daily tasks
  • Look ahead of annual goals to be sensitive to trends, seek and exploit opportunities, and prepare the enterprise for rapid change

Dates and locations to be announced.