Guiding Children’s Behaviors in Afterschool/School-Age Programs Training

Offered through the SCE Youth Work Learning Center, this course approaches behavior management from a positive, assets-based perspective. Recognizing that with a motivated staff, a basic knowledge base and the willingness to try new things, every school-age program can have an impact on the social and emotional growth of school-age children.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how your own background, experiences and stress level influence the way you guide and discipline children
  • Understand our goal (teaching self-discipline and self-control)
  • Discuss the advantages of a child-centered vs. adult-controlled environment
  • Reinforce the relationships between growth and development, and learning styles and behavior


This is a course designed by WI DCF – School-Age YoungStar.
Requires DCF course specific approved trainer.
Requires a Registry approved trainer.

For registration, please contact Quinn Wilder at qwild@uwm.edu or 414-227-3172

All sessions are Face-to-Face unless otherwise noted.

Fri., Oct. 23


Location: Rite-Hite YMCA, 9250 N. Green Bay Road, Brown Deer, WI

Instructor: Quinn Wilder

Fee: $65

CEUs: 1.5

Enrollment Limit: 35

Program Number: 7610-8780

Note: Guiding Children’s Behaviors in School Age Program: Learn guidance and behavior management from a positive, assets-based perspective. Understand how to work with youth so that they are engaged in trying new things, learning to be aware of their feelings, taking responsibility for their actions, and interacting with peers in positive ways.

Sites where 50% of Group Leaders and Site Supervisors/Coordinator/Director/Administrator have completed Guiding Children’s Behavior earn 1 optional point in the Health and Wellness section of School-Age YoungStar. Two points for 100% of staff completing this and other recognized behavior non-credit courses.

Upon registration, by October 9, 2015, you will receive a workbook in the mail from us. Books that are correctly completed represent eight of the fifteen hours of the course. This book must be completed by October 23 and turned in in person at the beginning of the class on October 23. An assignment will be sent with the book which must also be emailed to the instructor by October 23, 2015.

Registration Deadline: Wed., Oct. 7

Registration deadline has passed.