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From Conflict to Resolution: Managing and Mediating Conflict at Work

Conflict can be a positive resource if you have the right resolution skills. Learn how to examine causes of conflict (both organizational and interpersonal), explore how to manage our emotions and respond effectively in challenging conversations.

This course can be applied to the Business Communication Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize both organizational and interpersonal causes of conflict
  • Strategize when to compromise, confront, avoid or collaborate
  • Manage defensiveness in ourselves and others when emotions run high
  • Utilize advanced listening skills to encourage effective problem solving
  • Give feedback without sacrificing standards or the relationship
  • Mediate a conflict between individuals using realistic steps

Course Outline/Topics

I. My Personal Development Plan
A) Quotes on Conflict
B) Session Outline and Objectives
C) Organizational Sources of Conflict
D) “Average American” Culture Values
E) Heuristics
F) Communication/Behavioral/Social Styles

II. Emotional Intelligence
A) Conflict Management
B) Dealing With Your Anger and Related Emotions
C) Listening Skills
D) Questions for Coaching
E) Conflict Resolution Method
F) Meeting Aggression With Assertion
G) Mediation Skills
H) Interpersonal Conflict Mediation
I) Questions for Mediation
J) Conflict Management Approaches
K) When to Use the Five Conflict Management Approaches
L) Constructive Feedback—Coaching
M) Common Forms of Defensiveness
N) Coaching Plan

All sessions are Face-to-Face unless otherwise noted.

Tue., Dec. 6


Location: UWM School of Continuing Education

Instructor: Amy Climer


$345 if you register by Tue., Nov. 22.
$395 if you register after Tue., Nov. 22.

CEUs: 0.7

Enrollment Limit: 30

Program Number: 5050-9477

Registration Deadline: Tue., Dec. 6

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