Facilitating Difficult Meetings: How to Achieve Consensus, Collaboration

Learn to be a meeting facilitator who resolves problems, achieves consensus and manages personalities.

Meetings are an important tool for sharing information, gathering ideas and making decisions – but sometimes they are less than effective and may even be stressful. Difficulties arise because of the need to solve complex problems, stakeholders who have different priorities, and personality conflicts among members.


Tina Hallis, PH.D

Tina Hallis, PH.D

Tina Hallis is a professional speaker and consultant at The Positive Edge. Her focus is on helping people shift their thinking to create positive attitudes and positive work cultures.  Her specialties are in improved communication, teamwork, collaboration and sales. Her ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn helpful decision-making strategies that fit your situation
  • Gain insights into different personalities and how to take advantage of each person’s unique perspective
  • Discover tips for creating a safe atmosphere that encourages everyone to share their ideas and yet allows people to disagree
  • Ensure quality communication by setting ground rules and encouraging good listening skills

Meetings may not always be easy, but they should always be productive –  moving the group forward towards its ultimate goal in a set time.


Program fee includes morning and afternoon refreshment networking breaks, lunches, instructional material and discounted parking.

Dates and locations to be announced.