Emotional Intelligence III: The Ultimate Stress Buster

The ability to manage our emotional states is critical to also managing our day-to-day stressors and preventing burnout. The good news is that emotional intelligence is a skill that can be learned, continuously refined and deepened. Explore the five domains of emotional intelligence and how they affect your stress, and develop a plan for building an emotional equilibrium.


Patricia Clason

Patricia Clason

Patricia Clason, RCC, is the owner and director of a learning and coaching consulting firm in Milwaukee. First to receive the Registered Corporate Coach designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, and a professional speaker for more than 35 ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the five domains of emotional intelligence and how they affect your stress
  • Understand common emotion errors and how they sabotage our resourcefulness and abilities
  • Complete the Personal Stress and Well-Being assessment to determine your critical challenges
  • Develop a plan for building skills for emotional equilibrium and decreasing stress
  • Laugh and enjoy learning practical tools you can put to use right away!

Course Outline/Topics

DAY ONE – Self Awareness, Self-Management, Building Self-Efficacy

  • EQ check-in
  • Speed of change and its impact on our lives
  • 10 question stress quiz
  • 34 stress symptoms
  • 14 second relaxation technique
  • 5 domains of emotional intelligence
  • 12 part stress yest
  • The strategic pause
  • Thoughts and emotions – the stress-control factors
  • Improv: “What are you doing?”
  • How the committee stole our joy
  • Minding the pressure cooker: what do we do with pent-up emotions
  • The million dollar question: “What are you willing to give up your unhappiness for?”
  • Building stress management competencies
  • The tuning effect – a powerful state management tool
  • 6 causes of job stress
  • 3 primary symptoms of job stress
  • What to do about job stress

DAY TWO – Other Awareness and Relationship Management

  • EQ check-in
  • How are others affecting your stress levels?
  • Tips for dealing with stressors
  • Setting boundaries with others for self-care
  • Stop doing and tolerations list
  • Strategic pauses
  • Creating positive relationships
  • Laughter – the great stress reliever
  • Creating your plan and getting dupport
  • Stressed spelled backward is desserts!
  • Improv: Dr. Know It All


I. How available are you?
A. Domains of Emotional Intelligence
B. Speed of Change
C. Stress Test
D. Stress Symptoms
E. 14 Seconds to Relaxation
F. Minding the Pressure Cooker
G. Stress Management Competencies
H. 6 Causes of Job Stress
I. Strategic Pause
J. Resiliency
K. Quick Tricks for De-Stressing at Work
L. My 60-Day Action Plan
M. The Work Stress Inventory
N. The Personal Stress Inventory
O. Facilitator’s Guide—Personal Stress and Well-Being