Emotional Intelligence II: Deepening Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Delve deeper into understanding the neuroscience and psychology behind emotional intelligence. Gain more insight into the dynamics and successful management of relationships, and increase your awareness in regards to controlling emotions and impulses when adapting to change.


Patricia Clason

Patricia Clason

Patricia Clason, RCC, is the owner and director of a learning and coaching consulting firm in Milwaukee. First to receive the Registered Corporate Coach designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, and a professional speaker for more than 35 ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Identify types of people, and recognize your fatal attractions to certain personalities
  • Delve deeper into style characteristics and relationships

Course Outline/Topics

  1. How available are you?
    A) Emotions and the Brain
    B) Interconnectedness and Emotions
    C) Emotion Management
    D) Emotion Symptoms
    E) The Bermuda Triangle
    F) Self-Efficacy Basic Assessment
  2. Day Two: How available are you?
    A) Social Intelligence
    B) Emotional Vocabulary
    C) Read My Mind Exercise
    D) Modalities
    E) Emotional Culture
    F) Leadership Styles
    G) Which Style Do You Use at Work/with Family/with Friends?
    H) Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    I) A Person with High motional Intelligence
    J) Emotional Intelligence Domains and Associated Competencies
    K) Action plan
    L) Resources (Emotional Intelligence , Stress Management, Motivating Others, and Persuasion & Communication Skills)


Emotional Intelligence I recommended but not required


Enrollment is limited to 10 participants because of one-on-one coaching that takes place. Program includes morning and afternoon refreshment networking breaks, lunches and instructional material.