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Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills for Public Managers

Success in the business world has traditionally been attributed to rational thinking and analytical skills (IQ). However, research studies over the last three decades have concluded that emotional intelligence (EQ) may be the most important business skill today. Develop your emotional intelligence proficiency in self-awareness and interpersonal communication. Moving into the new millennium, who survives and who thrives will be determined by mastery of these skills.

This course can be applied to the Certificate in Public Administration.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Know how the brain and emotions work, how the brain gets hijacked, and how to recover when that happens
  • Understand a definition of communication that works
  • Grasp the basics of neuro-linguistic programming, the study of how we receive, store and access information
  • Observe communication styles from several perspectives to help you better understand how you and others communicate
  • Use communication tools and practical tips for being heard, being understood and gaining cooperation

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