Delegation Skills

Without appropriate delegation, your team will become inefficient and demoralized. It’s one of the most important management skills you can establish. Learn to delegate effectively and you’ll also find it saves you time, develops your people, grooms a successor and motivates your team.


Sue Schoenfeld

Sue Schoenfeld has an MA in Communication. She has provided coaching and designed and presented seminars and training programs for businesses and organizations throughout Wisconsin for over twenty years. She has had experience teaching in the Communication and Theatre departments ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn when it is appropriate to delegate work, and when it is not
  • Discover how delegation helps create a successor for you, and why that is important for your company
  • Understand how to effectively delegate work to have it accomplished in the most efficient way possible

Course Outline/Topics

  1. Why to delegate
    A) Good managers delegate
    B) Why people don’t delegate
    C) Causes
  2. When to delegate
  3. What to delegate
    A) What not to delegate
    B) Never delegate unnecessary tasks
  4. What should I delegate?
  5. Selecting delegates
    A) To whom should you delegate?
    B) Additional factors
    C) Why employees might not want you to delegate to them
  6. How to delegate
    A) Motivation
  7. Steps in delegation
    A) Smarter goals
    B) Written copies of goals
  8. Ineffective feedback
  9. How to provide effective feedback
    A) Follow-up
    B) Methods
    C) Examples
    D) Non-verbal support
    E) Give positive feedback
  10. Things to remember
    A) Be aware of communication styles
    B) What is your communication style?
  11. Different levels of delegation
    A) Levels
    B) Examples
    C) Deployment chart
  12. Examples of successful delegation
    A) Continuous quality improvement
  13. How do you treat the people you manage?
    A) Ten commandments for effective delegation
  14. How well do you delegate?
  15. Case study examples
  16. Task analysis and who to select
  17. Rate yourself as a delegator who listens
    A) When delegating a task to another person do you: ..?
  18. Case study examples
  19. Common errors in goal-setting
  20. How to give effective feedback
  21. Turn off/turn on styles
  22. Personality chart analysis
  23. What workers want
  24. “Don’t bother me except when it’s important” case study

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