Contracts and Supplier Management

Identify work that should be done externally to the project and the corresponding steps to select and develop a contract with a vendor. Be able to interpret, evaluate and administer contracts throughout the project management life cycle.

This course can be applied to the Project Management Certificate.


Barbara Farmerie, MBA, PMP

Barbara Farmerie, MBA, PMP

Barb Farmerie was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but has been a resident of Milwaukee for more than 20 years. Much of that time was spent working for MillerCoors, where she was an IT development manager delivering business application projects throughout ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand contract vocabulary, negotiations and execution
  • Improve delivery from providers and accountability between buyers and sellers
  • Attain expectations from vendors while maintaining a positive relationship
  • Establish greater accountability between buyers and sellers
  • Effectively manage contracts

Course Outline/Topics

Seminar Outline


  1. Workshop goals and objectives
  2. Activity: Contract management and you
  3. Project management life cycle and contract management

Contract Management in Project Initiation

  1. Project managers and contracts
  2. Enforceability role of the contract
  3. Activity: Clear, concise, complete language?
  4. Terminology
  5. Boilerplate contract language
  6. Contract clause review:
    – Recitals
    – Length
    – Product/service provisions
    – Payment terms
    – Confidentiality
    – Publicity
    – Notice
    – Modification of agreement
    – Entire agreement
    – Time is of the essence
    – Default
    – Breach/severability
    – Warranties and disclaimers
    – Consent to jurisdiction
    – Force majeure
    – Representation on authorization of signatories
    – Signature plate
  7. Activity: Identifying contract clauses
  8. Employment contracts
  9. Protecting assets
  10. Intellectual property rights
  11. Financial contracts: Time and material, fixed priced, cost reimbursable
  12. Activity: Identify needed contracts
  13. Contracts in project management: getting started
  14. Establishing roles and responsibilities with contracts
  15. Activity: Outline roles and responsibilities

Contract management and project planning: setting expectations with vendors

  1. Project management and contract management
  2. The role of the project work breakdown structure (WBS)
  3. Identifying contracts based on the project WBS
  4. Contract planning process
  5. Activity: Create a WBS for handling contracts
  6. Consolidating the contract WBS and the project WBS
  7. Develop a contract management plan
  8. Activity: Critique a contract management plan

Contract Management in Execution/Control

  1. The contracting work flow
  2. Critical contracting deliverables
    – Request for Information
    – Request for Proposal/Request for Quote
    – Proposal Response
    – Evaluation criteria
    – Statement of Work
  3. Activity: Developing evaluation criteria
  4. Administering the contracts
  5. Contract violations
  6. Activity: Handling contract violations
  7. Closing out a contract
  8. Activity: Closing out a contract

Contract Management in Project Closing

  1. Closing out the project
  2. Closure of projects
  3. Activity: Contract transfer
  4. Overall lessons learned
  5. Activity: Outline key points


Project Management Foundations or experience working as a project manager (not a project lead or team member).


Formerly Contracts and Vendor Management.


"Barb is an incredible instructor! She truly is a subject matter expert, and ensures that students understand the material."  —  Amy Palka, Medical College of Wisconsin

"The activities and samples provided really helped me understand the material. Class discussion was beneficial in hearing how contract and suppliers are managed in other organizations"  —  Sarah Myszewski - 2017 class participant

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