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Coaching for Peak Leadership Performance

In an emotionally intelligent, functional team, being a leader and a coach is every team member’s role. Teams that have clear purpose, a passion for the work and are having real issue conversations, become accountable, highly functional teams. Thomas Leonard, founder of the business coaching concept, taught that “every coach needs a coach.”

Experience coaching and being coached, while practicing the core needs of any team: having a purpose/vision and aligned passions. Return to work as a leader, ready to coach team members so that they have coaching experiences and can then do peer coaching, helping the team to build emotional intelligence and stay focused and accountable.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Lead from your core purpose
  • Understand the role of passion in leadership
  • Harness coaching tools for developing others and their leadership skills
  • Identify beliefs that limit effectiveness
  • Use coaching questions to “bust” dysfunctional stories and create new ones

Course Outline/Topics

Program Agenda:

  • What do you stand for? The role of core purpose in leadership
  • Passion as a driver in leadership
  • Intolerables and how they help to define boundaries for yourself and the team
  • Coaching questions for discovering purpose and passion
  • Practice with peer coaching
  • Identifying limiting beliefs – self and team
  • How stories create the team culture
    • Busting stories that are dysfunctional
    • Building stories that create healthy teams
  • Practice with peer coaching
  • Implementation map – how to put it all into action and create an emotionally intelligent team

Dates and locations to be announced.