Android Apps – Native Phone and Tablet Development

This is the first course in the Android Development series.

With the backing of Google, Verizon and other companies, the Android platform has taken the mobile market by storm. One of the big reasons is portability: you can build apps that will work across several devices.

One of the most important factors in mobile app development is setting up the development environment. This can be a difficult and time consuming process. This course will teach you techniques to shorten this process, giving you a jumpstart to developing, delivering and testing mobile apps.

This is a great hands-on start up course for anyone who wants to be an Android developer.

Take this course individually, or as part of the Mobile App Development Certificate.

Course Outline/Topics

Topics Include:

  • Setting Up Your Environment
  • Eclipse IDE
  • JAVA (JDK 6) installation
  • Eclipse product Installation
  • Dalvik Virtual Machines
  • Google ADT
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse tool updates
  • Basic introduction to Eclipse

Android Fundamentals

  • Android background/history
  • Creating Android application
  • Android Application structure
    • AndroidManifest.xml
    • Resources
  • Components
    • Text, button, list, grid, date/time controls
    • Layout controls/managers
  • Activity
  • Intent
  • Content providers

Android “Hands On” class project
App Distribution

  • Publishing
  • The market


Understanding of Java or experience with structured programming languages and knowledge of XML is beneficial but not required

Excellent program where the trainers were well prepared.

I found this class very useful. It was exactly what I was looking for. It is great for programmers who are planning to “jump into” mobile development.

— -- students, Android Apps, 2012

Dates and locations to be announced.