Android Apps – Advanced Android Application Development

This is the second course in the Android Development series.

In this course students learn advanced programming techniques necessary to develop Android apps. Go beyond creating basic apps to learning the tips and tricks that will give the perfect shape to your app and give you the competitive edge you need to be a successful Android developer. This course simplifies the steps required to enhance your app with powerful platform features and effectively optimize your apps performance; and build several apps during the course.

Take this course individually or as part of the Mobile Application Development Certificate.

Course Outline/Topics

Topics Include:

  • Android Application Design/Structure
  • List Population and Layout Design
  • Database Integration (SQLLite)
  • Web Service Connections
  • Capturing Images with the Camera
  • Multiple Processes and Threads (AsyncTask)
  • Debugging your Apps within Eclipse
  • App Navigation Components


Android Apps - Native Phone and Tablet Development, an understanding of Java or experience with structured programming languages and knowledge of XML is beneficial but not required OR equivalent experience

Scott is an outstanding teacher, I feel I was able to pick everything up extremely well.

— student, 2013

Excellent program – can apply to practice almost immediately!

— student, 2013

Dates and locations to be announced.