Adobe Photoshop – Advanced

Discover the powerful imaging and editing features of Adobe Photoshop. In this more advanced Photoshop class, students will learn about blending modes, smart objects, layer comps and how to work with multiple layers by creating groups. A more extensive chapter on working with color will be covered. Learn about masks in Photoshop and find out how to handle vector layers, shapes and paths. We’ll touch base on fun things like creative image effects such as warping, liquify and smart filters.

Prior Photoshop experience is required. It is recommended that students first take Adobe Photoshop: Basic before signing up for this class, as classes are related.

Take this course individually or as part of the Web or Digital Marketing Certificate programs.

Who Should Attend

Those familiar with Photoshop basics who want to learn more about the program’s advanced capabilities.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Create a custom web workspace for maximum efficiency
  • Drawing, coloring and optimizing web graphics
  • Creating vector shapes and text that scale seamlessly
  • Mastering transparency and building navigation bars and buttons

Course Outline/Topics

  • Designing for screens
  • Working with color
  • Working with layers
  • Working with shapes and objects
  • Creating wireframes
  • Working with text
  • Using layer styles
  • Creating a website mockup
  • Optimizing web graphics
  • Understanding web file formats


Adobe Photoshop - Basics OR equivalent experience

Great instructor. Good mix between printed materials and video demos.

— Student, 2015

I enjoyed the hands on exercises and the free textbook provided to the students for future reference. Videos were shown which helped to break up the assignments and change things up!

— Student, 2014