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AC #3: Financial Management & Planning in Early Childhood Programs

Analyze the principles of sound financial management. Gain a better understanding of the critical relationship between financial management and program quality.

This course can be applied to the Child Care Administration Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the basic principles of sound financial planning and management
  • Understanding of the relationship between financial management and program quality
  • Ability to develop fair salary policies and scales
  • Understanding of budget use and management including utilization factors, deviation analysis and functional cost analysis
  • Ability to develop a basic line-item budget
  • Ability to develop a monthly cash flow projection for one year
  • Understanding of breakeven concepts and applications and ability to develop a breakeven chart
  • Ability to balance the budget, including principles for cutting and revenue enhancement
  • Ability to compare budgeted expenditures to actual expenditures and to analyze differences
  • Ability to read and understand financial reports
  • Understanding of the cost of staff turnover
  • Understanding of basic customer orientation for marketing and cost of losing customers


AC #1 or AC #2

Dates and locations to be announced.