Food Safety Certificate

Food Safety and Industrial Hygiene is increasingly a source of concern for Food and Beverage manufacturers. Proactive design of processes and manufacturing facilities with informed awareness of food safety practices is essential in this industry. During the past decade, the range of best practices has increased and it has become very difficult for food manufacturers to keep track of all the basics let alone the recent developments.

Your employees will gain insight and confidence about basic and advanced practices in industrial hygiene that will protect your organization from preventable harm to products that you sell. Customer hygiene and satisfaction will become a routine outcome of these practices when implemented in your organization.

The UWM Food Safety Certificate consists of two courses for individual responsible for industrial hygiene within your company. The first one, “Food Safety Basics” (three days) will describe and clarify all the various practices and regulations and help you sort out what is important to your organization’s specific needs. The second one, “Food Safety Advanced” (two days) will enable you to be proactive with expert knowledge. In five days, attendees will be able to navigate the Food Safety and Industrial Hygiene terrain and give your company peace of mind about potential hazards to customers. Preventable harm will be proactively addressed and your legal department can feel assured about safety of food and beverage products.

Single courses may be taken without the pursuit of the certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees will learn how to build a food safety culture
  • They will learn best practices for industrial hygiene
  • They will assimilate the various food regulations and apply them in the right context
  • Food safety specialists, technicians, and managers will gain credibility within their organization
  • Directors and supervisors will confidently lead the organizational efforts in food safety
  • Communication of understanding between employees will improve
  • You will gain very effective methods to prevent harm to products
  • You will avoid legal issues and prevent punitive loss to the organization

Curriculum Requirements

Earn the certificate by completing 2 courses within 3 years.

Earn the certificate by completing 2 courses within 3 years.

Food Safety Advanced

Thu.-Fri., Oct. 26-27 Closed

Food Safety Basics

Wed.-Fri., Oct. 4-6 Closed