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Certificate in Public Administration

Students in this program are supervisors, managers and administrators as well as those seeking to be promoted to those positions. Core workshops and the electives enhance the analytic capability and skill in managing a range of public services, including elected office, public works, social services, health and public safety. Workshops are taught by UWM faculty and ad hoc faculty who are or who have been public managers. The gap between practice and theory is bridged through small group exercises, case studies and the brainstorming of public constraints managers face.

The workshops provide the foundation for understanding decision-making and supervision processes critical to proactive management.

This is a flexible certificate program designed for working public sector leaders.  To earn the Public Administration Certificate you must complete 150 hours or 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). You can complete your 150 hours by attending 5 core topics and 17 electives.*

Core Topics Include:

  • Budgeting Basics                Two Days   12 hours
  • Information Management    One Day     6 hours
  • Leadership                          One Day     6 hours
  • Personnel Management     Two Days   12 hours
  • Supervision Practices         Two Days   12 hours

*If you chose to take online elective topics, you may need additional electives to reach your required 150 hours, currently online topics only count toward 4 hours each.

Please Note: The School of Continuing Education’s Public Administration Certificate Program will be discontinued as of Jan. 1, 2017.  Current classes will continue to be offered until Dec. 2016.


Single courses may be taken without the pursuit of the certificate.

Curriculum Requirements

Earn the certificate by completing 5 core courses and 17 elective courses within 3 years.