BLC field school enrollment is open. There are many ways one can participate in the BLC field school: enroll in courses, as an intern, or as a community participant.

Last year Esme Barniskis interned with us and her work caught the attention of the Wisconsin Humanities Council.

Bella Biwer worked with us and received the 2017 International Berkeley Prize. This year we will work out of the old Finney Library and examine spaces and places between 39th and 43rd, North and Center — a site despite being scarred by the impact of 20th Century urban renewal and 21st Century neoliberal policies, continues to remain resilient and vibrant.

See course details and student testimonials.

Class Dates: June 26 – August 5, 2017; Final exhibit: August 18, 2017. Preparatory Workshop (attendance required), June 23. 2014, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UWM.

You may participate in this field school free as a community intern. However, if you want university credits you will need to sign up for summer school classes at We will be accepting a maximum of 15 students. You may take a maximum of 6 credits. Click read more about what courses to enroll.

For more information please contact Professor Arijit Sen.