From Dean Robert Greenstreet

Change, as a former U.S. President once said, is the law of life, and I am delighted to conform to that dictum in the introduction of the new, improved SARUP Newsletter, now available in electronic and print form.

Special thanks to my colleagues for taking the initiative to reinvigorate this esteemed organ of communication (especially Mo Zell and Nikole Bouchard, and MArch student Jeremiah Huth) which, in addition to our snappy new website, seeks to capture the exciting and eventful year we’ve had and get the message out to anyone who’ll listen.

In addition to the many activities and accomplishments that characterize the School —Marcus Prize Studio, SUPERjury, MASTERcrit, etc.—it has been a particularly gratifying year for UWM as a whole. This year, the University was awarded Research 1 status, catapulting us into the top 110 universities in the country—no mean achievement considering there are over 4,000 in total. I would like to claim Architecture and Urban Planning played a pivotal role in winning this distinction (and probably will, if I can get away with it), and certainly the recent recognition of our PhD program as the 3rd ranked in the country by the National Research Council helped. However, it is only fair to say that UWM has flourished as a major university in the past few years, growing far beyond its humble beginnings as a commuter campus, and now has many great, nationally known programs across the campus.

So, while we bask in the afterglow of our newfound distinction, I encourage you to focus closer to home and flip through the following pages, bracing yourself to be amazed. The students, staff, faculty, and alumni of SARUP continue to do remarkable work, and I hope you will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Best wishes to all as usual, and start thinking about planning a trip back for the 50th Anniversary celebrations coming up soon in 2019—yes, we’re growing older and becoming respectable. Exceptions apply, of course, in both categories.