Laboratory Training

O Denotes Online Training, X Denotes Classroom and/or Hands-on Training

Biological SafetyO

Bloodborne PathogensO

Chemical Hygiene PlanX

Confined Space EntryO

Fire Safety/ Fire ExtinguisherX

Hazardous WasteOX

Laboratory SafetyX

Laser SafetyO

Radiation SafetyX

Respiratory Protection ProgramX

Shipping & Receiving – Hazardous MaterialsO

Spill Prevention Control CountermeasuresO


Chemical Hygiene Plan and Lab Safety Training

The Class is Open and Required for: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, and Students that work with chemicals in labs/ studios/ shops.

This is required training for all laboratory personnel.

Do you work in a laboratory? Does your lab have chemicals? If so, you need to have written laboratory safety standard operating procedures (SOPs) for chemical use and compliance with the Wisconsin Dept. of Safety and Professional Services and the OSHA Laboratory Standard.

The UWM Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) is on-line for you to adopt, revise to be lab-specific, and utilize in everyday applications.

This training will inform you of the Lab Standard and the Chemical Hygiene Plan elements, proper use of the CHP for safety in the lab, and how compliance is achieved. In addition, General lab safety information and procedures will be discussed.

Fall 2017 Training Sessions:


If attending send an e-mail to so I can have enough handouts

**Friday September 15th 9-11am Kenwood IRC

                                      3135 N. Maryland Avenue room 1160

*Monday October 2nd 8-10am Kenwood IRC

                                      3135 N. Maryland Avenue room 1140

*Thursday October 19th 1-3pm Engelmann Hall

                                        2033 E. Hartford Ave room B38

*Thursday November 2nd 1-3pm Architecture and Urban Planning

                                             2131 E. Hartford ave Room  170

*Wednesday December 6th 9-11am  Kenwood IRC

                                      3135 N. Maryland Avenue room 1160