Warehouse End-user Reporting Initiative Team (WeRit)

WeRit is a group of campus report writers who meet bi-weekly to further their understanding of the warehouse data, how to access it, and how to assist campus report writers. Their mission is to:

    • Develop warehouse reporting for the campus community; make reports available in libraries that are accessible to the campus (per security definitions, etc.)
    • Develop, adhere to and promote campus standards for end user reporting, including documentation, parameter usage, report formats, etc.
    • Assist in developing communication methods for end user reporting–communication to and from campus users, et al. As part of this goal, a PantherList has been created for questions related to the Data Warehouse and Hyperion.

For more information on WERIT, or if you are interested in joining us, email werit@uwm.edu or contact any team member.

Team Members