Getting Started

There are various data sources available for reporting. Depending on what you want to access and how you want to access the data, your path will be different. The following is intended to help guide you through the process.

What data do you need?

To help you determine what data you need:

  • You can talk to your supervisor to determine what data you need to access.
  • You can check the Data Sources Chart for data that is available for UWM reporting and follow the contact information there for more information. This is only necessary if you plan to develop your own reports.
  • You can view the Reports page to find reports that have already been written. This includes reports published in the Query Library.
  • You can talk to the Campus Report Writing Rep for your area.

How do you want to access the data and how do you get authorized?

Once you know what data you need, you will need to decide how to access the data and you will need to be authorized.

For Student Data Warehouse authorization, you will be requesting membership in groups using the Authorization Application (Auth App). See the Auth App Information page for a demo and more information on the Auth App. Which groups you need to request can vary depending on your method of access.

For other data (e.g. HRS, WISDM, etc.), you will need to follow their authorization process.

Here are some options for access:

  1. I want to view or run queries that have been published in the Query Library
  2. I just want to write a simple query occasionally
  3. I want to write advanced queries and create dashboards
  4. Any other options?

It’s possible that your department has queries stored in their own area for people in their department to run. If this is the case, someone in your department will tell you what authorization you need, what tools, etc.

Authorization Application

See the Auth App Information page for a demo and more information on the Auth App.

Training – Data and Reporting Tools

Check the Training and Support Section for more information.