University personnel require data in order to assess, evaluate and plan. However, it isn’t always clear what data is available, where the data can be found, who can get at it, how it is accessed and how to interpret it accurately. The goals of the Reporting at UWM website are to provide the direction and insight into how faculty and staff can get the data they need.

What data is available for reporting and where is it?

There are several sources of data available at UWM for reporting. The Data and Authorization section has a chart with the types of data available, its source and who to contact or where to go for more detailed information. For information on tables and fields see the data dictionary.

Who can access the data?

All UWM faculty and staff who have been given appropriate authorization can access the data.

How can I access the data?

There are several ways to access the data. Many reports have been published in the Query Library or are available on various UWM web pages. The List of Available Reports will help you locate them.

Self-service reporting can be done at no charge. Different reporting tools are available, depending on whether you simply want to write an occasional query or are interested in more advanced query writing or dashboard building for analytics.

Customized reports can be requested from University Relations – Web & Mobile Services by emailing hyperion-support. Web & Mobile Services staff provide needs assessment, query project management, development and report writing billed on a hourly basis. Cost-sharing is available to eligible units.

How do I get started?

Campus Report-writing Representatives are well-versed in the resources available and the steps to take in order to gain access. They are familiar with the process and are a tremendous resource for individuals who are just getting started. Find the report-writing representative in your area; they are able to guide and help you.

Follow the steps in the Getting Started section.

The Warehouse End-user Reporting Initiative Team (WeRit) is a group of report writers who work collaboratively and discuss report processes and related issues. WeRit meets twice a month and is active in exchanging ideas through its email list and shared collaborative space.