Students may be interested to know…
The Religious Studies Program provides a supportive and nurturing community experience for their students through the shared activities of the Religious Studies Student Organization. As well, the Outstanding Capstone Award and Niko Dorios Award are available to exceptional students who excel academically within the program. Please read about these two opportunities below.

Religious Studies Student Organization


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Our purpose is to give students an official voice within both the Religious Studies program and UWM. Additionally, we want to help create a relaxed and safe atmosphere for the academic, non-sectarian study of all religions. We sponsor events that bring about a deeper understanding of religion and how it pertains to other fields of study.

Student Awards

Outstanding Capstone Award

At the end of each academic year, a member of the Religious Studies faculty reviews all the term papers submitted in capstone courses during that year. The most articulate and insightful paper is chosen to receive the Outstanding Capstone Award. In order to qualify for this award, a paper must receive a letter grade of A or A-, and the author must be a declared Religious Studies major. The Outstanding Capstone Award will be presented during the Religious Studies commencement.

Niko Dorios Award

Only won by exhibiting academic merit, the Niko Dorios Award is given once a year to the student who demonstrates a superior understanding of the sources and themes of Religious Studies, as revealed by the quality of the student’s written paper. Only students who have an honorable GPA in Religious Studies may enter. The award was set up by the family of Sam Dorios, a Religious Studies major who co-founded the Religious Studies Student Organization, and is named in honor of his father, Niko Dorios. The purpose of the award is to provide support for the most capable students in Religious Studies for their continued endeavors in the field.