Accommodated Testing

Testing Students with Disabilities Policy

According to The University of Wisconsin System Policy on Individuals with Disabilities, no qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to or participation in any program, service, or activity offered by the universities. Individuals with disabilities have a right to request accommodations.

To ensure that you receive the proper accommodations for your test, please follow these steps*:
*If you are a current UWM student with a valid, current VISA from the UWM Accessibility Resource Center, you can bring your VISA with a photo ID to the Testing Center in the basement of Mellencamp Hall without following the steps below. Upon verification of your VISA, we will help you schedule an accommodated testing session.

  1. Log into the test registration system.
  2. Under the Examinee Menu, fill an out Accommodation Request. You will be sent an email notifying you that your request has been received. New incoming Freshmen will not receive an email as their UWM email account is not yet active. New Freshmen should contact our New Freshman Testing Coordinator (414-229-2210 or after submitting both their request and their documentation.
  3. Submit the proper documentation to the Accessibility Resource Center by contacting the appropriate counselor to verify what documentation is required.
    • Jason Anderson, Mobility Impairments and Deaf/Hard of Hearing or 414-937-5875
    • Jon Broskowski, Psychological and Systemic Disabilities or 414-229-6730
    • Aura Hirschman, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Blind and Visual Impairments and Alternative Text Coordinator or 414-229-5660
    • Ann Kowalickzo, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Traumatic Brain Injuries or 414-229-6239
    • Barbara Simon, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ARC or 414-229-5822
      • Documentation may be sent via:
        • Fax to 414-229-2237 (please include the name of the ARC Counselor)
        • Scan and email directly to ARC Counselor
        • Mail to: Accessibility Resource Center
          ATTN: (Counselor Name)
          UWM   P.O. Box 413
          Milwaukee, WI 53201
  4. Once the Testing Center receives approval from the Accessibility Resource Center regarding your accommodation, you will be sent an email notifying you that your request for accommodations has been approved. New Freshmen will be contacted via phone by the New Freshman Testing Coordinator as their UWM email account is not yet active.
  5. Upon receiving an approval email, you can log back into the test registration system and register any time we offer the Accommodated Placement or Accommodated ACT tests. You MUST register for a designated accommodated testing session in order to receive your approved accommodation. Accommodated tests are NOT administered during other placement or ACT testing sessions.
  6. Accommodations are valid for one year and must be renewed after that time.

Students must submit the required documentation to the Accessibility Resource Center.  Approved accommodations will be forwarded to the Testing Center.

Students requesting Disability Accommodations for Regional Testing

  • If you are planning to attend UWM but would like to test with accommodations at another UW system testing site


  • If you are not planning to attend UWM but would like to test with accommodations at the UW Milwaukee Testing Center

It is required that students follow the directions set forth by the Testing and Evaluation Office at UW-Madison. Someone from the student’s high school, familiar with the disability, must provide a letter including what previous accommodations have been provided. The necessary documentation will be forwarded to school with which you requested to test. Once your documentation has been approved, a testing appointment can be made by contacting the testing coordinator at your chosen test. At UW-Milwaukee an appointment for testing can be made by calling Sarah Perkins at (414) 229-2210.

UW Placement testing does not authorize the use of a reader. Using a reader does not accurately reflect the language skills being tested.

Students requesting Disability Accommodations for National testing

Students requiring accommodations for national testing must follow policies established by the testing company. Information on these policies can be found the company website.