Academic Forgiveness

Effective in Fall 2015, the Academic Forgiveness Policy aims to make it possible for undergraduate students who attended UWM years before, attained low GPAs, and left without completing their degree to return without suffering all the consequences from their previous poor performance.

Undergraduate students who meet the eligibility criteria below may apply for Academic Forgiveness through their school/college academic advising unit.

Academic Forgiveness Request Form

The advising unit may require information in addition to the form in order to make a decision. Students should consult with their advisor for details.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • No prior baccalaureate degree earned from UWM or another institution.
  • Readmission as an undergraduate degree-seeking student after a minimum of three years period of no enrollment at UWM or any other institution.
  • A cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 at UWM at the time of readmission.
  • Earned a minimum of 24 graded credits at UWM after readmission with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
    • NOTE: An additional 30 graded credits at UWM, for a total of 54 graded credits, are required for a degree to be posted with forgiveness applied to the record.
  • No prior approvals for Academic Forgiveness on record.

If approved, the student’s cumulative UWM GPA will be reset as of the point of readmission. All grades earned prior to readmission will continue to appear on the student’s transcript and record. The transcript will include a notation that Academic Forgiveness was granted.

Any credits earned prior to readmission will continue to count toward the student’s cumulative totals along with any applicable degree requirements. The student will be required to complete a total of at least 54 graded credits after readmission (including post-readmission credits earned at the time forgiveness is applied) in order for a bachelor’s degree to be awarded with Academic Forgiveness applied.

Other Important Notes:

  • Academic Forgiveness does not adjust the GPA and number of credits attempted and counted toward Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid eligibility purposes.
  • All other UWM policies (e.g., Course Repeats) remain in effect and are not changed by the granting of Academic Forgiveness.
  • If students seek admission to a degree program other than the one that approved an Academic Forgiveness request, that program has the right to consider all coursework and grades, including those academically forgiven, in making its admission decision.
  • Transfer credits posted to the UWM record are never factored into the official UWM cumulative GPA and, therefore, are not impacted by the granting of Academic Forgiveness.

Information for Academic Advising Units:

Approved request forms for Academic Forgiveness can be routed to Registrar’s Office via the online contact form (select “Student Records”) or campus mail (ATTN: Records Specialist, Mellencamp 290). It is not necessary to include additional information related to the request, only the signed request form.

Once the Registrar’s Office verifies that the student meets the eligibility criteria, the Academic Forgiveness will be applied to the record and the student will be notified.