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Final Examinations

Individual and Combined final exams are assigned rooms by the Registrar’s Office. Individual final exams are based on class start times. Final exams in General Assignment Classrooms are assigned in late-September for Fall terms, and mid-February for Spring terms. Typically final exams are held in the classroom in which the class is taught. However, there are always a small number of changes due to conflicts. Departments are notified of these changes when rooms are assigned each semester. It is the responsibility of the department to contact the instructor and students regarding the location change.

Each student is responsible for arranging a schedule that will permit satisfactory progress towards degree requirements and a class schedule that avoids both class and final exam scheduling conflicts as well as an excessively demanding exam schedule. When a combined final exam conflicts with a student’s individual final exam, it is the responsibility of the department giving the combined final exam to offer it at another time.

One-hour final exams in one-credit courses may be given during the last class period; two-hour final exams in all other courses shall be given during the regular examination period. The time of a final exam for an individual or a class may be changed only with the prior approval of the dean or director. The change will involve a postponement to a later date. The Provost’s Office shall be notified of any approved changes in final exams in order to avoid scheduling conflicts of day, hour and room. To determine date and time of an exam, the hours and days of the class lecture should be used.

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