Advisement for Students

Wondering how close you are to graduation? How about what classes you can take in upcoming semesters to satisfy your degree requirements?

The Academic Advisement system in PAWS is designed to create a report for all undergraduate students indicating the status – ‘satisfied’ or ‘not satisfied’ – of primary degree requirements and, for most unsatisfied requirements, list the courses that are available to complete the requirement.

All undergraduate degree-seeking students at UWM have direct access to their Academic Advisement Report (AAR) on PAWS. See the web-based tutorial and training manual below for detailed steps on generating, reading, and interacting with an AAR.

Important Note

A small number of degree-seeking undergraduate students will not be able to access their Academic Advisement Report on PAWS. This is typically caused by too much information on the student record passing through the system due to a dual degree or multiple majors, minors, or certificates. These students should see their academic advisor to determine degree progress.