PAWS Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement is part of the PAWS system for students and staff. It is designed to create a report for all undergraduate degree-seeking students indicating the status of their primary degree requirements. This report is directly accessible on PAWS for all degree-seeking undergraduate students, academic advisors, faculty advisors, and many staff.

There are two different types of reports that are generated through Academic Advisement. The differences between the two reports are in presentation and functionality only; the requirements and student data on the two reports are the same.

  1. Academic Advisement Report is an interactive report that is primarily designed for student usage. The Academic Advisement Report is available on PAWS for students, advisors/staff, and faculty advisors.
  2. Degree Progress Report is a transcript-based report that is primarily designed for administrative usage. The Degree Progress Report is available to advisors/staff on PAWS. Students and faculty advisors do not have access to the Degree Progress Report on PAWS.

The following are key features associated with Academic Advisement. The menu links on the left offer additional information, including web tutorials, for students, staff, and the Advisement working group.

For Students
  • Easy access to completion status of degree requirements
  • Useful for graduation preparation and planning
  • Select required courses directly from the Academic Advisement Report for enrollment or My Planner
  • Make the most out of advising appointments by becoming more informed about requirements and courses prior to seeing your advisor
For Advisors/Staff
  • Easy access to completion status of degree requirements for degree-seeking undergraduate students
  • Serves as a centralized report on degree progress that can be simultaneously accessed by various offices and staff on campus
  • Provides an accurate reflection of the data that currently exists for a student in PAWS
  • Create links in the Academic Advisement Report to direct students to websites, video podcasts, or any other web-based content
  • Generate Course and Program What-If Advisement Reports for students
  • Access spreadsheet reports indicating completion status for one or all requirements for a select group of students or all students in a specified program, major, minor, or certificate (contact the Registrar’s Office for more information on these reports)