UWM scientists receive grant to study link between air pollution, autism, ADHD


WISN-TV Channel 12 ABC News
April 6, 2017

A team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will be studying the connection between air pollution, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Dr. Amy Kalkbrenner, an associate professor, and her team have received a $2.3 million grant to do the research.

She said there is already strong evidence that links vehicle emission pollution to autism, a developmental disorder that affects 1-2 percent of children in the United States.

Kalkbrenner said autism causes have been controversial, but they have proof that even before babies are born, while in utero, they can be exposed to harmful pollutants in the air.

“We know that it’s really impacting children’s ability to be happy and learn, so it’s critically important that we figure out how to protect that brain while it’s developing,” Kalkbrenner said.

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