Kamran Diba

Assistant Professor
 (414) 229-5740
 Garland Hall 202A

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Ph.D., Brown University 2002

Key Areas of Interests:

Sleep and Brain Rhythm
Optogenetic Dissection of Neuronal Circuits
Neuronal Coding
Memory Consolidation

Teaching and Research Interests:

We are interested in how different regions in the brain coordinate to encode, store, and transfer information.

The brain generates an assortment of neuronal oscillations that vary depending on the behavior and state of the animal, from active exploration to resting and different stages of sleep. Accordingly, in our recordings of large populations of spiking neurons we observe state-dependent temporal relationships at multiple timescales. What role do these unique spike patterns play and what do they tell us about the function of each brain state? To answer these and related questions, we combine behavioral studies of learning and exploring rats, multi-channel recordings of the simultaneous electrical (spiking) activity from hundreds of neurons during behavior and sleep, and optogenetics (based on virus-mediated light-activated ion channels and pumps) to excite and silence specific neural populations in precise time windows during learning, consolidation and recall.

We are currently looking for students with an interest in neurophysiology. Quantitative skills (statistics and signal processing), programming skills and appreciation of electronics are helpful; a desire to learn is essential.

Courses Taught:

Psych 954: Seminar in Physiological Psychology: Reactivation, Recall, and Memory Consolidation
Psych 933: Seminar in Neuroscience
Psych 210: Psychological Statistics

Selected Publications

Miyawaki, H., & Diba, K. (2016, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Regulation of Hippocampal Firing by Network Oscillations during Sleep. Current biology : CB, 26(7), 893-902.
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