Natasha Borges Sugiyama

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 622


Ph. D., University of Texas at Austin
M.P. Aff., University of Texas at Austin
B.A., Oberlin College

Courses Taught

  • PolSci 325 – Latin American Politics
  • PolSci 346 – U.S. – Latin American Foreign Relations
  • PolSci 368 – Gender & Politics in Developing Nations
  • PolSci 372 – Poverty and Politics: US and Comparative Perspectives
  • PolSci 952 – The Politics of Developing Nations
  • PolSci 976 – Comparative Public Policy

Research Interests

Brazilian Politics, Policy Diffusion, Social Sector Reform, Comparative Public Policy, and Gender and Politics.

Selected Publications

Hunter, Wendy, and Sugiyama, Natasha Borges. “Transforming Subjects into Citizens: Insights from Brazil’s Bolsa Família.” Perspectives on Politics 12.4 (2014): 808-828.
Sugiyama, Natasha Borges, and Hunter, Wendy A. “Whither Clientelism? Good Governance and Brazil’s Bolsa Família Program.” Comparative Politics, Ph.D. Program in Political Science of the City University of New York 45.4 (2013).
Sugiyama, Natasha Borges. The Diffusion of Good Government: Social Sector Reforms in Brazil. University of Notre Dame Press, 2012.
Sugiyama, Natasha Borges. “Bottom-up Policy Diffusion: National Emulation of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Brazil.” Publius: The Journal of Federalism, Oxford Journals 21.1 (2012): 25-51.
Sugiyama, Natasha Borges. “The Diffusion of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in the Americas.” Global Social Policy, Sage Journals 11.2/3 (2011): 1-28.
Hunter, Wendy A., and Sugiyama, Natasha Borges. “Democracy and Social Policy in Brazil: Advancing Basic Needs, Preserving Priveldged Interests.” Latin American Politics and Society 51.2 (2009): 29-58.
Sugiyama, Natasha Borges. “Theories of Diffusion: Social Sector Reform in Brazil.” Comparative Political Studies 41.2 (2008): 193-216.