Paru Shah

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 676



Ph.D., Political Science, Rice University
M.P.H., Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago
B.A., Philosophy, University of Michigan

Research and Teaching Interests

Race, ethnicity and politics, urban governance and politics, public policy analysis and outcomes in the educational arena

Courses Taught

  • PolSci 213 – Urban Government and Politics
  • PolSci 215 – Ethnicity, Religion and Race in American Politics
  • PolSci 388 – Latino Politics

Selected Publications

Keele, Luke, Shah, Paru R., and White, Ismail. “Black Candidates and Black Turnout: A Study of Mayoral Elections in the New South.” Journal of Politics.
Shah, Paru R., and Gonzalez Juenke, Eric. “The Intersection of Race and Partisanship: White Bias and Minority Representation in the States.” Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics.
Shah, Paru R., and Davis, Nicholas. Race and Guessing Games: Comparing Three Methods to Classify Race of Candidates. .
Shah, Paru R., and Reny, Tyler. Immigrant Political Ambition: New Americans and the Quest for Political Office”. .
Shah, Paru R., and Wichowsky, Amber. “Neighborhood Disruptions and Resilience: The Foreclosure Crisis, Homeownership and Voter Turnout.” Social Science Quarterly.
Shah, Paru R. “Stepping Up: Black Political Ambition and Success.” Politics, Groups and Identities. (2015).
Gonzalez Juenke, Eric, and Shah, Paru R. “Not the Usual Story: The Effect of Candidate Supply on Models of Latino Descriptive Representation.” Politics, Groups and Identities – forthcoming. (2015).
Shah, Paru R. “It Takes a Black Candidate: A Supply-side Theory of Minority Representation.” Political Research Quarterly 67.2 (2014): 266-279.
Shah, Paru R., Marschall, Melissa, and Ruhil, Anirudh. “Are We There Yet? The Voting Rights Act and Black Representation on City Councils, 1981-2006.” Journal of Politics 75.4 (2013): 933-1008.
Shah, Paru R., and Marschall, Melissa J. “The Centrality of Racial and Ethnic Politics in American Cities and Towns.” Oxford Handbook on Local Politics. Ed. Clarke, Susan, John, Peter, and Mossberger, Karen. Oxford University Press, (2012).
Marschall, Melissa J., Shah, Paru R., and Donato, Katherine. “Parent Involvement Policy in Established and New Immigrant Destinations.” Social Science Quarterly 93.1 (2012): 130-151.
Marschall, Melissa J., Shah, Paru R., and Ruhil, Anirudh. “Symposium: The Study of Local Elections: A Looking Glass into the Future.” PS: Political Science and Politics. (2011).
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