David Armstrong

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 666



PhD, Government and Politics, University of Maryland
BA, Political Science, University of Maine at Presque Isle

Courses Taught

  • PolSci 335 – Comparative Political Systems
  • PolSci 701 – Techniques of Political Science Research
  • PolSci 935 – Seminar in Advanced Political Science Methodology


Quantitative methods, measurement and latent dimension estimation, measurement and conceptualization of democracy, internal state conflict

Selected Publications

Hare, Christopher D., Armstrong, David A., Bakker, Ryan, Carroll, Royce, and Poole, Keith T. “Using Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling to Study Citizens’ Ideological Preferences and Perceptions.” American Journal of Political Science. (2015).
Jacoby, William G., and Armstrong, David A. “Bootstrap Confidence Regions for Multidimensional Scaling Solutions.” American Journal of Political Science. (2014).
Armstrong, David A. “factorplot: Calculating, Summarizing and Plotting Simple Contrasts in GLMs.” The R Journal 5.2 (2013): 4-15.
Davenport, Christian, Soule, Sarah A., and Armstrong, David A. “Protesting While Black: The Differential Policing of American Activism: 1960-1990.” American Sociological Review 76.1 (2011): 152-176.
Armstrong, David A. “Stability and Change in the Freedom House Political Rights and Civil Liberties Measures.” Journal of Peace Research 48.5 (2011): 10.
Duch, Raymond M., May, Jeffrey B., and Armstrong, David A. “The Coalition Directed Vote in Contexts with Multi-party Governments.” American Political Science Review 104.4 (2010): 698-719.
Armstrong, David A. “Measuring the Democracy-Repression Nexus.” Electoral Studies 28.3 (2009): 403-412.