Domain Name Policy

On January 29th, 2001, the joint meeting of the Computer Policy Committee and the Educational Media Policy Committee adopted the following resolution regulating the use of commercial domain names, such as .COM, .ORG, and .NET, by units of UWM.

“In order to reduce confusion as to content ownership as well as the potential for outages, UWM Colleges, Schools, Departments or units may not publish domain names registered with commercial providers (such as .com, .org, or .net addresses) re-directing the location of official UWM content. If a separate domain address is desired, units must arrange for an address within the domain by consultation with I&MT.”

The intent of this policy is:

  • Make sure UWM materials do not ‘go missing’ when departments or individuals neglect to renew these commercial net addresses.
  • Prevent potential problems due to reliance on commercial domain name providers for a service we can do on campus under our own control.
  • Prevent reliance by departments on domain names under actual ownership and control of individual registrants (not UWM itself).
  • Provide visitors with a consistent branding of our web materials and eliminate avoidable confusion as to ownership of materials.
  • Avoid the annual cost to the university of renewal of potentially a large number of commercial domain names.

Units desiring a custom domain name for their web materials may obtain, at no cost, a ‘vanity’ URL of the form See Vanity URL Guidelines for information on applying for such a domain name.