BWC – Dear UWM Community

Dear UWM Community,

I would like to inform you that soon, UWM Police Officers will be equipped with Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s).

BWC’s are no longer unique or experimental.  They have been in use with departments (including university police departments) across the country for a few years now. Like the in-car cameras we have been using for more than ten years, the technology and methodology of the BWC has evolved to the point where we feel it is time for the UWM Police Department to adapt this technology for our use.

UWM Police have selected Axon as the BWC supplier.  The cameras have been purchased and will be in the field later this fall after the community is informed, training is completed and the equipment is distributed.

The UWM Police Department BWC use will be guided by policy that was developed by looking at and taking best practices from departments having a program at both municipal and university police departments.  The cameras will help officers perform their jobs by recording interactions with persons during official police business and aid in documenting evidence during an investigation.  Officers will be able to use the documentation to write reports and prepare for court.

The community will benefit from this program as well.  BWC programs have demonstrated their worth to improve officer and citizen behavior, as well as transparency and confidence in the criminal justice process.

We value our community’s trust and see BWC’s as a positive tool to build upon the good relationship the UWM Police Department has with its community.

This new resource will help our officers make UWM a safe and secure environment in which to learn, live and work.

Thank you

Joseph LeMire

Chief of Police