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During Your Planetarium Visit

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled visit. Locate the restrooms in the Physics Building lobby and give students the opportunity to use them. The theater doors lock after the show starts and it will be disturbing to allow visitors back into the Planetarium.

Please remind your students to be quiet in the hallways. UWM classes may be in session.

Theater Presentation

The students will have the opportunity to:

  • Look at the sky on the evening of the Planetarium visit
  • Point to stars, planets and the Moon if visible from Milwaukee
  • Enjoy a beautiful dark sky away from city lights (for this age group, the dark sky portion is kept short)
  • Recognize geometric shapes in the constellations
  • Realize that the constellations are the basis for many cultural stories
  • Take a brief tour of the solar system and look at images of main objects in the solar system
  • See how the sky changes during the course of the night
  • Ask an astronomer questions

Show Options

Wonders of Space | K – 2
Blast off and explore our star and planets. Stay up all night and look for star patterns in the sky.

Expedition Solar System | 3 – 5
Fly through our solar system. Learn about Earth’s rotation and revolution and uncover some cool constellations on the way.

Exploring The Universe | 6 – 8
Discover the Earth’s place in the solar system and our Galaxy. Learn about the life of stars and travel through a black hole.

Uncovering the Cosmos | High School
Choose a topic: solar system exploration, life of a star, the evidence for the Big Bang, or constellations in all seasons.

Optional Hands-on Activities

Earth’s Amazing Moon | K – 2
Students use playdough to make an Earth and Moon system. Depending on their grade, students use different math and problem skills. This activity is suitable for up to 22 students per group.

Solar System to Scale | 2 – 8
Students are divided into groups to make a scale model of the solar system along the length of an indoor hallway. The students are given instructions on how many tiles they need between various planets. This activity is suitable for up to 22 students per group.

Star Charts | 3 – 12
Students learn to use star charts to more easily identify 5-7 constellations in the sky. This activity is suitable for up to 68 students.

Teacher Feedback on Star Charts
“The students really enjoyed being able to identify the constellations—something I’m unsure they experience living in the city.” –Rae Anne Frey, G4, Milwaukee Academy of Science

“Very informative. Something they can take back to school and utilize in the classroom with lessons.” –Harrer, G3, Atlas Prep Academy

Extend Your Stay

Extend your stay with optional hands-on activities that last between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the activity and age group. Descriptions to these hands-on activities are located here.