Friday Night Shows

The Friday Night Show highlights a special topic every 4-6 weeks. Shows last about an hour. Past Friday Night Shows are available here.

Our shows start promptly at 7:00pm, so please try to be here 20 – 25 minutes early to purchase tickets and find a good seat.

The Sun’s Disappearing Act

July 21, 28 & August 4, 11, 17, 18
7 – 8pm
Manfred Olson Planetarium, Physics Building
Tickets $5.

You can purchase tickets online for all shows here:

In celebration for the 2017 Solar Eclipse, we have been producing a live performance about how cultures around the world have interpreted eclipses and have been at the root of turning points in history. Since these ancient civilizations, we have come quite far in our understanding of these events. Come learn how we understand eclipses today, and how you can watch this year’s eclipse safely and enjoyably.