AstroBreaks are free planetarium shows from 12:15-12:45 pm on select Wednesdays. All are welcome!

Each program includes a description of the night sky and some of its treasures, along with an exploration of a special astronomical topic. Past AstroBreaks can be found here.

Fall 2017

Sept 6 & 13: Fast Radio Bursts: Neither Aliens nor Microwaves (I & II)
Speakers: Joseph Swiggum, Sarah Vigeland
Within the last decade we have discovered mysterious signals coming from space, then disappearing almost immediately. What they are still remains a mystery.

Sept 20: Early Fall Constellations
Speaker: Jean Creighton
Get ready for beautiful autumn nights! (Re)learn how to find the most interesting fall constellations.

Sept 27 & Oct 4: More Things That go Bump in the Night: LIGO Ushering in a New Era in Astrophysics (I & II)
Speakers: Shasvath Kapadia, Debnandini Mukherjee, Shaon Ghosh
As LIGO continues to hunt for gravitational waves, we keep learning new things about black holes and the universe around us.

Oct 18: The Making of the Disappearing Act
Speaker: Elisabeth Markman

Oct 25: Japanese Cosmology in the Classical Tradition
Speaker: Dr. Aragorn Quinn

Nov 1 & 8: Future Frontiers in Astronomy (I & II)
Speakers: Danielle Berg, Kristina Islo
What does the future of astronomy look like? With exciting new telescopes on the horizon, we look forward to the new ways in which we will push the limits of what we can see in space!

Nov 15: TBD

Nov 29 & Dec 6: Alien Messages and Earth’s Space Invasion of the Proxima Star System: The Breakthrough Initiatives (I & II)
Speakers: Angie Van Sistine, Casey McGrath
The earth-born space invasion has begun! Ok, not really, but we are considering it. But as the Breakthrough Initiatives gain more momentum, we may find soon a fleet of nanocrafts leaving Earth to travel to the next closest star outside of our solar system.

Dec 13: Winter Stars
Get inside this winter and enjoy some indoor stargazing. Come enjoy the stars without freezing outside!