Birthdays for all ages can be celebrated at the planetarium! If this interests you, let us discuss what kind of program might be developed to suit the birthday person’s age and interest.

“Thank you so much for a fantastic planetarium experience yesterday. My daughter loved it as well as the rest of the kids. Parents were very impressed and also learned a lot from your presentation.”   – Jason

Step 1: Select a Show

Solar System and Indoors Stargazing: ($150)

Blast off into our solar system and see close up powerful storms, beautiful ring systems, and intriguing moons. Learn how our planet came to be. After exploring the solar system, enjoy a gorgeous clear night in the planetarium away from city lights. Look for familiar constellations like Orion and unfamiliar ones like Pegasus or Leo. Our show will be a beginner’s guide to the constellations and will equip you to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. (Run time: 60 minutes. Beginner show: ages 10 and under. Advanced show: ages 11 and up.)

Greek Mythology and Indoors Stargazing: ($150)

Crash onto the shores of ancient Greece and learn where the gods and heroes rest in the sky. Follow the hero Heracles as he completes his labors and clashes with mythical creatures such as Leo the lion and the multi-headed serpent, Hydra. Shield your eyes from Medusa as Perseus attempts to behead the beast. Learn to identify the constellations that immortalize the myths. Bring the stars to life and party with demi-gods for your next birthday.(Run time: 60 minutes. Beginner show: ages 10 and under. Advanced show: ages 11 and up.)

Space Highlights and Indoors Stargazing: ($150)

Get the cosmic highlights from the solar system to the farthest corners of the universe. Check out the Northern Lights and see how they are cause by solar flares. Travel with New Horizons and Curiosity to explore planets and distant moons up close. Once our own solar system is behind us, marvel at exoplanets in different systems and peer into a black hole while learning about gravitational waves. See the future when our own Milky Way collides with our galactic neighbor Andromeda. Finally, go back in time into the depths of space with the Hubble Deep Field telescope and see the earliest times of our universe. (Run time: 60 minutes. Show for ages 11 and up)

Step 2: (Optional) Pick an Activity

Model Solar System: Make a scale model of the solar system. ($40)

Constellation Cups: Create your favorite constellation with a cup and a flashlight. ($40)

Uniview: Fly through the universe with our state of the art software. ($40)

Step 3: (Optional) Reserve a Party Room

After the shows and activities are done, move to a reserved room to relax and open presents. (included in program price)

Step 4: Contact Us

Please use our online form to make a reservation request.

You can also contact Jean Creighton to arrange a date and time at or by calling 414-229-4961.


Payment: Must be received 2 weeks prior to party.

Cancellation: Cancellations after one week are not eligible for refunds.

Large Shows: If your party exceeds more than 25 people an extra fee of $25 is added to the total.