Melissa Sears

Melissa Sears is the girl behind the camera and our social media. Although she may be quiet during meetings and in crowds, her amazing personality shines through any time she’s comfortable with you: just be prepared for snarky comments. Our fashionista of the group, she loves black, and will often be seen wearing her heels and bright red lipstick.

The true key to her heart, however, is musicals. She has never seen a musical she hasn’t liked, but she will insist that Rent is the best of them all. Melissa even brings her love of music to work; she has a Spotify playlist for every occasion. Lately, we have been greeted by songs from Waitress when we walk into the shared office.

Melissa is an intensely strong person, but she will melt and burst into a smile any time she sees a cat or dog. Ask her what book she’s reading, and the answer will be different every time; if she likes it, she can finish a novel in less than a day.

Her smile with one and only one dimple will light up a room. That, paired with her hardworking nature and sarcastic personality makes everyone glad to have her as a part of the team.