Melissa Sears

Melissa Sears is the girl behind the camera and our social media. Although she may be quiet during meetings and in crowds, her amazing personality shines through any time she’s comfortable with you: just be prepared for snarky comments. Our … Continue Reading »

Madeline Jordan

Who is she? Madeline has been working at the planetarium for almost two years now. She is a mechanical engineer student in her second year at UWM and works the Stargazing events and special events at the planetarium on the … Continue Reading »

Sam Gallagher

Sam, and his brother Tony, out hiking in Northern Wisconsin.

Featured above is Sam, with his brother Tony, hiking in Northern WIsconsin.   Who is Sam? Last Spring Sam attended the planetarium for astronomy 103 and heard that Jean was looking for a new web developer. Over a year later … Continue Reading »

Nikolaus Prusinski

Who is he? This week, we are taking a look at our youngest staff member, Nikolaus Prusinski. He is currently a junior, after skipping a grade, at the St. Francis High School. Having finished his high school curriculum in two … Continue Reading »