A Tour of the Solar System

Take our guided Tour of the Solar System! This video is filled with fascinating astronomical facts and is a visually fun and informative experience for those new and not-so-new to astronomy. Learn about our Sun, the planets, and the outskirts of our solar system in this whirlwind animated adventure lead by UWM Planetarium Director, Jean Creighton.

The Manfred Olson Planetarium Experience

UWM Planetarium Director Jean Creighton talks about what to expect when visiting the planetarium in this 2 ½ minute video. The video touches on topics, such as: the atmosphere of the facility, what you might see at a show, and the groups and public presentations, such as the Friday Night Show, AstroBreak, and Stargazing (outdoor).

Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus event featured outdoor viewing, an indoor planetarium show, live music, and food. The transit of Venus occurs when Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth. During the transit, Venus becomes visible as a black disk moving across the inner edge of the Sun. The transit of Venus is a rare astronomical event that will not happen again until the year 2117.