Job Opportunities & Internships

The UWM Planetarium is hiring 1-2 persons.  In particular, we are looking for people who could do at least two of the following: create planetarium programs, design a website, help with stargazing, and coordinate publicity. This job has a lot of flexibility: for the most part, the work can fit around a student’s schedule.  Hours can vary from 5-15 hours a week depending on how many duties are performed.

Job title: Planetarium employee with emphasis on production and/or publicity and/or stargazing

1. Duties (at least two of the following) The candidate will be:

  • Building planetarium presentations with the guidance of the director and other members of the production team
  • Participating (or even coordinating) the publicity efforts for all the planetarium programs including design of posters
  • Designing websites
  • Leading outdoor stargazing with other members of the group

2. Skills (at least two of the following):

  • Proficiency in Apple computers: able to maintain and troubleshoot Apple’s Mac computers and operating systems
  • Proficient with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and/or Photoshop,
  • Proficient with Final Cut Studio, Premiere Pro (or other video editing software)
  • Proficient with Audacity (or other audio editing software)

In addition, the person suited for this job ideally would be:

  • Proficient with Apple’s Keynote
  • Familiar with telescopes (or at least willing to learn how to use telescopes)
  • Available on most Friday afternoons for staff meetings and available on several Friday evenings for public programs
  • Knowledge of Tumult Hype and Adobe Flash (or other animating software)
  • Able to work 5-10 evenings a semester for observing
  • Proficient with website design software such as HTML

3. Competencies The candidate for the position must be:

  • Self-motivated and reliable
  • A clear communicator with the Planetarium Director and other members of the team
  • Resourceful to troubleshoot various problems that come up
  • Interested in astronomy and willing to learn about it
  • A good team worker

4. Relationships: The candidate will report to the Director, Jean Creighton, and work within either the production, publicity, or stargazing team; these teams typically have between 2-4 members.

5. Salary: $10/hour

If you are interested in this position, please submit the following application materials:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume (please indicate expected graduation date)
  • Samples of relevant work if available
  • Letter of recommendation if available.  Please e-mail Jean Creighton to send the materials and arrange a date/time for an interview with the Director and members of the team. If you do not get acknowledgement of your application in 2 business days, Please call 414-229-4961 to leave a message with your name and contact information.

On-Campus Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies Internship


The UWM Manfred Olson Planetarium has over 10,000 yearly visitors and is seeking student interns to educate and promote the venue on campus and to the community.

The successful intern will be self-motivated and responsible for some of the following activities:

  • Thinking of innovative ways to make the planetarium more visible in our community and on campus;
  • Designing brochures, fliers, and other written materials;
  • Planning special planetarium events;
  • Writing press releases, newspaper articles, and short texts for the website and social media;
  • Designing surveys and analyzing data;
  • Participating in a weekly all-staff meeting.
(1) Unpaid internship: Students with little or no experience with InDesign or Photoshop who wish to get experience designing striking fliers. Students with limited experience in public relations, advertising, website maintenance, or writing could improve their resume with opportunities given at the UWM Planetarium.
(2) Paid internship: Students should have extensive experience with InDesign and/or Photoshop and have several samples of excellent work in their portfolio. Students should have demonstrated experience in any two of the following: public relations (including event planning), advertising, website maintenance, and compelling writing.

Interest in Astronomy is a plus but not required.

Please submit the following application materials:

  •  Cover Letter
  •  Resume (please indicate expected graduation date)
  •  Writing and design samples and other relevant work if available
  •  Letter of recommendation if available.

It is never too early to indicate interest in the position.

Ideally, the student should indicated their interest at least three weeks before the semester begins.

Please e-mail Jean Creighton to send the materials and arrange an interview.

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